Hypnosis for Birth Workshop Santa Monica

August 15, 2015

Class is held from  2 PM – 7PM

  Let your partner be your guide


Birth and Beyond

1750 Ocean Park Blvd Suite 206
Santa Monica 90405

to enroll call or email us at joyinbirthing@yahoo.com or call     3 1 0  – 4 3 5 6 0 5 4

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Hypnosis for Birth is a one day workshop designed for couples/mothers looking to deepen their preparation for labor and delivery, and for those who have no time for weekly classes. In this workshop we focus on:

  • Removing fears and anxieties related to labor and delivery
  •  The Chemistry of Labor – emotions and their relationship with hormonal production in labor  example: love, peace, trust = oxytocin  –  fear, anger, distrust = adrenaline
  • Hypnosis designed to manage each labor wave one minute at the time. One minute scripts.
  • Using  self-hypnosis as a tool to prepare for labor, sleep in the late weeks of pregnancy and strengthen your resolve to obtain the birthing experience you deserve and desire
  • Partner support – learn how to support her emotionally, physically
  • The best laboring positions – learn how to dance the labor dance with your partner. Pushing positions best ways to help your baby gently come out without tearing
  • Find your voice, conversations at the hospital and with your doctor – learn how to enroll people to support you versus ask for their opinion or permission
  • Learning how to reach a state of total relaxation in seconds so you can ride the wave of labor one-minute at
  • Learning your baby’s role in the birthing experience
  • Learning hot to meet your baby using the five senses

Consciously including your baby in the preparation, labor and delivery, we’ll help you shift your consciousness from “Labor is happening to me” to “My baby and I are working together to bring a new life into the world” using and ancient and proven method of relaxation: self-hypnosis

Whether you chose a drug-free birth or are unsure about your choices ahead of time, hypnosis can be a powerful tool in assisting a laboring woman through her childbirth experience. Deep inner peace helps Mothers move purposefully and mindfully through the to the awesome and joyful moment of birth

  • Conversations at the hospital”what to say and what to expect at the hospital. Learn “hospital talk” this is very important for your partner who can be your advocate during your labor and delivery, so that you may comfortably maintain your hypnotic state.
  • How to labor at home safely and for as long as possible trusting yourself and the birthing process
  • Key words (hypnosis commands) your partner can use to help you achieve a state of relaxation

Giuditta Tornetta is a  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Birth and Postpartum Doula for more info e-mail us at joyinbirthing@yahoo.com

Each couple will receive a complimentary copy of Giuditta’s Painless Childbirth self-hypnosis birth preparation CD

Early bird cost for couples is $140   Reserve your space now

People have asked me how this class differs from hypnobabies or hypnobirthing.  Well first of all it is one day complimentary training, that is it is advise to have taken a childbirth education already, so that the focus is on preparing for the actual day of labor only. Then with the use of simple hypnotherapy tools and NLP we try to identify what each woman best respond to. not all scripts work for all women, we are all different, some of us respond to more of a visual take me away from here script, some to a more auditory repetitive script some to a more kinsetetic (tactile) script. So this helps refine the hypnobabies, hypnobirthing approach. Tailor  if you want to the individual instead of one fits all. Love hypnobabies and hyponobirthing btw.  Many women who come discover which language works best for them and that makes all the difference

Class was awesome! We had so much fun & Craig I learned a lot….we are  looking forward to the birth experience! :)

 Thank you so much for teaching and guiding Seth and I. We were completely absorbed in everything you told us. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute with you and feel so much better prepared for the birth of {our baby}   You have a true gift that is so wonderful of you to share


Paul, Baby F, and I wanted to thank you for putting on such a beneficial workshop yesterday. You really broke the whole process down in such a simplified but beautiful way.  It is like you tied in the big parts of what we read in the Bradley Method book and made it very easy to understand and relate to.The hypnosis piece was awesome! I felt very grounded after leaving the session yesterday.


I began working with Giuditta (both in person, in workshop and through her CDs and book), believing that mental and emotional preparation would be as important as physical care in having the natural and painless childbirth I desired. I believe that Giuditta’s guidance using hypnosis was crucial to my ability to manage contractions and the discomforts of hospital interventions (IV in my hand, mandatory bed-rest after magnesium sulfate was given) without an epidural or other anesthesia.  She was able to lead me into a deep state of relaxation and near-sleep between contractions, even during the intensity of active labor. At the end, she was able to assist me in laboring in a squatting position despite being confined to the bed (which I didn’t even know was possible!) and delivering in a reverse squat, leading to a quick and easy pushing experience, no tearing and one very happy mommy and baby. Jeanne, John, and baby Graham

Limited space – RSVP today call

or send check to:

Joy In Birthing
4076 Tivoli Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90066

Giuditta Tornetta is available for private classes in the comfort of your own home.  Please call to inquire.

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 If you are interested in hosting a Painless Childbirth Workshop for birth professionals or parents in your home town please contact Giuditta directly e-mail her at joyinbirthing@yahoo.com

Are you a doula who is expecting contact us for a special doula discount for this class

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