Conversations with the Womb Los Angeles

July 21, 2013

10 am to 4 pm

Workshop held at:

Joy In Birthing – 4076 Tivoli Avenue – Los Angeles CA 90066

to enroll call or email us at or call     3 1 0  – 4 3 5- 6 0 5 4

Limited Space Enroll NOW  Cost per person $140 early bird –   $175 at the door (if you have taken this class in the past you can take ti again at a 50% discount) not two classes are ever the same

Unleash the Creator Within

All life/creativity/purpose begins in the womb. There was a time when our ancestors recognized the womb as sacred – the vessel of new life – the channel of divine, creative energy – the seat of a woman’s feminine power.

This workshop is for people who have  experienced:

  • Unwanted and traumatic cesarean birth or excessive medical interventions
  • Miscarriage
  • Failed IVF attempts
  • Terminations
  • Infertility

And for those who:

  • Have been born though a traumatic birth
  • Feel stuck creatively and are ready to birth a new self

Whether you are giving birth to children and want to heal your past experience (miscarriages, terminations, cesarean births or unpleasant/traumatic birthing experience) or your are giving birth to projects, businesses or new aspects of yourself,  you will learn how to bring back  into your life a sense of mystery; manifesting the magic that will unfold and unfurl your creative wings.

Research shows that how we are born influences how we give birth – to children, projects, businesses or new aspects of ourselves.  WE ARE CONTINUALLY GIVING BIRTH – No matter the age, men or women.

Giuditta has designed  a workshop open to anyone who wants to heal their experiences in the womb, their relationship with their creative core, their memories about being in the womb, the relationship with their womb after giving birth, or their current feelings about their womb while going through menopause.

Learning about our beginnings helps us to understand the patterns that run our lives, and provides insight into who we are and why we do what we do.  When the challenges in our lives can be traced back to the core issues that are causing them, the symptoms disappear and we can live our lives on solid ground.

In this workshop Giuditta Tornetta offers practical ways to become conscious of the helpful or hindering patterns that developed from early experiences in the womb. Recalling our life in the womb and birthing experience through hypnosis, participants will learn how to harness or heal their unwanted patterns transforming them into a source of creative power.

Using story-telling, hypnosis, NLP, visualization and self-inquiry, we will create a safe environment for you to heal your past experiences and create a new story. Your will receive practical tools to reframe  the past so that you can have a healthy present, and  navigate the future.

This one-day profound and transformational workshop is offered for a special introductory early bird special   $1 40.00 till June 30th – $175 at the door. All participants will receive a complimentary Self-hypnosis recording “Unleashing the creator within”

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Here’s what people say about this workshop:

“It is wonderful to discover the power of the womb and tap into it!”

“A wonderful way to heal, recharge and ultimately love yourself as a woman”

“I hadn’t connected with my womb since my last birth, so great to see her again!”

“An opportunity to discover, heal and form an alliance with your womb”

“I was able to connect with my maternal grandmother, whom I never met, and forgive her for helping my mother give me away for adoption.  This connection and forgivness was worth the entire cost of the course for me.”

I no longer feel alone and misunderstood.  I am not the only one with these feelings.  Giuditta has given me hope.”