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Ms. Tornetta is a certified birth and postpartum doula, lactation educator, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner. Giuditta practices clinical hypnotherapy and a method of natural childbirth that uses hypnotic techniques to reduce stress and fear during labor and delivery.  Her love for women and the birthing and parenting experience has  enabled her to help hundreds of women in her practice and thousands with her book and lectures, to obtain the birthing experience they deserve and desire.

She focuses on infant mental health and pre-post birth bonding, where she uses guided meditations and visualizations to help women communicate and empower their babies before birth. As a lactation educator and postpartum doula, Ms. Tornetta helps couples settle into a natural routine once the baby comes home. Through education, compassion, practical as wells as emotional support, Doula Giuditta teaches new parents how to decipher the newborn’s vocal and body language.

Giuditta is also a published author of the best selling book Painless Childbirth: An Empowering Journey Through Pregnancy and Birth. Read her testimonials by both readers as well as experts in the field here>>>> testimonials

Watch Giuditta talk about her book, and as a guest ‘baby expert’ on TLC’s Bringing Home Baby,

She works in hospital labor and delivery rooms, and home environments, attending and assisting  births. She has had the pleasure of ushering hundreds of babies into this world helping families successfully transitioning into parenthood.

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Ms. Tornetta is a member of Doulas of North America (DONA), and the Vice President of the Doula Association of Southern California (DASC), and a volunteer with Operation Doula Care, an organization created in response to the life-changing events of September 11th, 2001. Its primary purpose is to provide free Doula support to the pregnant wives of the United States military. Giuditta Tornetta received certification from UCLA as a Lactation Educator and is a member of the Breastfeeding Task Force in Los Angeles, a non-profit organization dedicated to making breastfeeding the cultural norm in Los Angeles. She is the founder of DWLA (Doulas of West Los Angeles), a non-profit sub-group of DASC (Doulas of Southern California www.dascdoulas.org)

Giuditta Tornetta’s passionate approach to life, and her accomplishments as a Doula, writer, workshop leader, entrepreneur, and performer, have made her a popular speaker. Television appearances include TLC Property Ladder (birth expert), Newborn Rescue (pilot for Discovery Channel) and she has been a regular guest on TLC’s successful series “Bringing Home Baby.”

She has been a guest of several radio stations and was recently featured in the popular radio show “Community Focus” on K-Mozart, 105.1 FM, in Los Angeles, on Contact Radio with Gina Cloud, and The Rolanda Watts Show – Greenstoneradio.com.

She has been featured as a guest at Whole Children Expo with Anna Getty, Kaiser Permanente Hospital ‘s “Women & Children’s Health Service Line Operation Team Meeting.” She is a regular speaker at Whole Foods Supermarket–-national retail chain–-and Wild Oats–a health-food supermarket chain. She has been a key speaker at WRS (Women’s Referral Services), presenting to over 250 members at a time, and at Emerge (a women-in-business association) and has hosted lectures for parenting groups all over the country.

Ms. Tornetta is a contributing editor for Los Angeles Family Magazine with her monthly column “Ask Doula Giuditta”, Las Vegas Family Magazine, the Wet Set Gazette, and Sheknows.com. She has published over 100 articles, in the United States as well as in the U.K. Excerpts from Painless Childbirth have been published by Mother Magazine in the U.K and Mothering Magazine in the US. Doula Giuditta was the host and editor of “Natural Living” and “Pediatrics,” two popular web pages dedicated to natural living and parenting at bellaonline.com (one of the largest websites devoted to women).

While Giuditta is best known as a writer, workshop leader and a doula, she is also a passionate voice for women. She founded the Joy In Birthing Foundation  a non-profit organization of committed, community oriented professional doulas, dedicated to helping families through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. The JIBF mission is to collaborate with agencies with maternal-child health programs and social service providers to improve the quality of birth, breastfeeding, and baby care. Strivign to empower women to get the care they desire.

Ms. Tornetta runs monthly workshops and lectures on such topics as Loving the Mother, Natural and Painless Childbirth,  Baby Right, Conversations with the Womb