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Painless Childbirth is Possible


Watch a painless childbirth using the AHHH meditation as per Giuditta’s book Painless Childbirth click here¬† Research has shown that every year up to 45,000 women in United States experience a painless childbirth. And that is just the documented research, not accounting for the numerous other undocumented cases.

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Waterbirth 2 Breech Waterbirth

Waterbirth Baby Born Underwater in the Sac

When we let nature lead. visist www.joyinbirthing.com to see how to prepare for a painless childbirth. Baby Born at Baby Love Birth Center in Cape Coral, FL. The “bag of waters” stays intact until the baby is born and baby is born “in caul”, which is said to confer special sight to a baby. Due to the impatience of modern obstetrics, most babies have their sacs “broken” during labor, in the theory that birth will occur faster. We prefer to leave moms and babies undisturbed. I would like for people to see what is possible when you leave things as nature intended. Baby was born healthy, 7 pounds 5 ounces.

Painless Childbirth Testimonial: Strategy

Strategy for a Painless Childbirth. A mom of three describes how she was able to experience not one but THREE painless Births.