Ultimate Package-Painless Birth

All 1st time mom’s packages include a complimentary hypnosis for birth class  

We also offer an exclusive package  it includes a lot of special pampering services before and after very exclusive for details Contact US

 Painless Childbirth Strategy – The Ultimate Experience

This package is designed to begin no later than at 32 weeks of gestation.

Package Includes

4 hypnotherapy sessions

Get in unison with certified clinical hypnotherapist Giuditta Tornetta and release the deep-seated worries and fears you have about becoming a mother and about labor and delivery. Prepare yourself for a painless experience. Work on your Nine Basic Human Rights, from the Painless Childbirth book, and release fears and anxieties about the upcoming birth while healing the past and preparing for an empowered future. Birthing is like running a marathon, the more you train the better and stronger you will become.

Conversations with the unborn child through hypnosis

Establish a bond with your unborn child immediately. You’ll be working together during labor and delivery. Create a plan with your baby for an easier and painless childbirth.

Self-hypnosis CD home program

Soothing self-hypnosis CD designed to be listen to every night before you give birth, preparing you for a natural and painless childbirth. CDs delivered to you at your first home visit by the Doula.

Painless Childbirth

Free copy of Doula Giuditta’s empowering guide to painless childbirth

Continuous labor support at home or the hospital

You will benefit by having a doula answer all your questions about any and all procedures during your entire stay at the hospital. You will receive constant emotional and physical support to manage the labor waves.

Unlimited phone calls before labor and delivery.

That’s right unlimited, because you have so many questions and your care provider has no time to answer them all. Get answers for all your questions with someone who will spend as much time as you need explaining all medical gibberish. If we don’t have the answers we will find them for you from our medical support team.

Two Prenatal Visits

In addition to your hypnotherapy sessions you will have two prenatal visit. One you’ll have a tailored childbirth education class and planning for the actual day of labor and delivery in the comfort of your home. The second visit is a baby care, lactation and baby equipment review. You’ll learn about how to understand your baby’s language, how to respond to them and how to talk and play with your newborn.

Two Post-partum home visits

Giuditta is a Lactation Educator (breastfeeding expert) who will help you perfecting the latch-on technique for breastfeeding. She will answer all your new baby questions and offer alternative and natural methods to any non-medical problem like pumping, milk production, gas etc. Giuditta will review your diet and nutrition to insure a good breastfeeding experience. Ms. Tornetta is a gourmet chef and you will experience her culinary skill. She will refresh your baby care techniques and get answers to any questions she cannot answer immediately.


Looking for a supportive care provider or midwife? We offer several referrals for doctors, midwives, pediatricians, therapists, lactation consultants, Neonatal CPR instructors, baby proofing home specialists, mommy and me support groups, classes, and fun activities.

Daily Inspirations via e-mail

Your daily conversation with your doula is available right at your fingertips. You will be sent a message of hope, love and inspiration preparing your you for the sacred event every day.


We have been trained in spinning babies, an ancient form of naturally spinning a posterior baby into an anterior position for easier and gentle birth.