Postpartum Services


All beginnings are hard, but with the help of a postpartum doula you can transform the baby blues into baby heaven.  Join our Painless Postpartum and baby Care Class

How Does a Doula Differ from a Baby Nurse?

Unlike a baby nurse (not usually an RN) who is there only to care for the infant, a doula focuses on the needs of the new mother as well as the newborn. She is there to nurture the mother by offering practical assistance as well as emotional support, enabling you to recover faster and feel more confident in meeting the challenges a new baby brings.

Your doula provides skilled breastfeeding support and guidance in all aspects of newborn care whether that means demonstrating swaddling, bathing and burping techniques or caring for the baby so you can sleep or get some fresh air. She can also tend to practical chores, as time permits, such as shopping, and cooking nutritious meals.

Above all, a doula is a mentor who answers your questions and provides much needed assurance in a gentle, non-judgmental way, allowing you to develop your own unique parenting style.  Families also vary as to when they wish to begin services. Some parents elect to have additional care immediately upon return from the hospital. Others wish to schedule the care for after a grandparent or other help leaves, when the mother or partner returns to work or at any other time that may work for you and your family.

We gently show you how to care for your baby, we help you get the rest you need, during the night we bring you the baby for breastfeeding and take care of changing and soothing him/her back to sleep while you catch up on your sleep. We wake you up with a warm nutritious breakfast and have your dinner prepared, ready for you to simply warm up and serve.

We offer full days (up to two weeks), Nights (minimum 10 hours), and hourly daytime care (minimum 5 hours)
We will also consider traveling.

Our services include

  • Breastfeeding instruction ( We are lactation Educators)
  • Bathing techniques
  • Professional referrals in your area
  • Italian gourmet home cooking
  • Relaxing hypnosis
  • Coping skills
  • Improved bonding
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Seamless transition

The presence of a postpartum doula  has been known to reduce or minimize the risk of postpartum depression.

We also offer clinical hypnotherapy for baby blues and mild postpartum depression.

We offer unlimited phone consultation while under contract also!

Why not take advantage of a person you are already familiar with, your birth doula is also your postpartum doula! We offer discounts to our birth mothers!

Call us to get our references and talk to our clients who have enjoyed our services referring to them as “A luxurious baby spa!”

Here’s what people and pediatricians say about our services

I highly highly recommend giuditta. she is such a strong and immensely helpful presence after childbirth. she was at our house the second night after we got home from the hospital and she really lead us through a very scary time.she taught us so much about how to take care of tiny newborns.  she is an amazing cook and we would wake up in the morning to find not only peacefully sleeping babies but a spread of gorgeous food on our kitchen table. chocolate croissants! apple pie! quiche! lasagna! and many other dishes that she would magically put together with whatever was in our fridge. we could smell yummy scents of whatever she might have in the oven as we deeply deeply slept!  i think the most impressive quality about Giuditta though is her ability to understand what the babies need and how to communicate with them when they are so young and small. they would cry and she would look in their eyes and talk to them and they would literally stop crying and listen to her.  she taught us how to bathe them and massage them, how to talk to them as you dress them or change their diaper. we were just at a complete loss in the very beginning and she took charge and guided us us through. she was also a key figure for me as i was learning to breastfeed. that might have been one of the biggest challenges for me personally as i had twins – and Giuditta really bolstered my confidence when i didn’t think i could do it – over and over again. Barbara and twins!

When our daughter was released from the NICU, within an hour, Guiditta was at our home to help support the crazy transition as our post-partum doula.  We planned to have a water birth at home, but as the saying goes “we make plans and God laughs”.  While we couldn’t plan how our daughter entered the world, by scheduling time with Joy in Birthing  for post partum services has been incredible.  I honestly feel like the reason I have not experienced baby blues is because of Guiditta’s guidance, love and wisdom.  She taught us how to communicate with our daughter, and how to create a relationship as parents while making time for each other.  I love Guiditta and loving refer to her as our mary poppins.  With eternal gratitude and joy, I highly recommend Joy in Birthing to any parent.  Also, if you are a parent-to-be, I recommend registering for doula services with Joy in Birthing as a shower gift! Labe I.

“Giuditta, a pre- and post-natal Doula, has helped many families learn about Natural deliveries and much more. I highly recommend her. “
Edmond  Sarraf  MD, Pediatrics

“In my pediatric practice, I have witnessed the wonderful work that Ms. Tornetta’s does with my families. I love her work!” – Jay Gordon, MD., Associate Professor of Pediatrics, UCLA Medical School

“I’ll never forget the day Giuditta first came to help me with my newborn son. She was like a beacon of light during a very difficult adjustment time. Arriving with an open ear and an open heart, she carried bags full of fresh groceries that she effortlessly transformed into gourmet meals for the week. I immediately felt calmed and soothed by her presence. Her knowledge and experience is so vast: from breast feeding, to infant care and health, to mom’s health and nutrition. What was supposed to be a month-long arrangement between us ended up continuing almost four months because I soon realized that there was so much to learn from her. I am so thankful to have had the blessing of her care and expertise. I am a much more relaxed, confident and calm mother because of her love, patience and guidance. I will miss our time together very much, but my new knowledge will always be with me.” Jill